Ships and Cargoes

All Icelandic vessels over 6 metres in length are obliged to be registered and undergo surveys. Ships are divided into two main classes, open boats and decked vessels. Around 1,200 open boats and 1,100 decked vessels are registered in Iceland.

ICETRA is responsible for port state control of foreign merchant vessels in Icelandic ports, in accordance with the Paris Memorandum of Understanding which is designed to limit the traffic of substandard ships. See a more detailed list below.

ICETRA operatesone regional ship survey office in Ísafjörður (Westfjords).

A Wide Range of Maritime Tasks

ICETRA handles seamen's certification and crew issues. It is responsible for implementing the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW). Furthermore, it administrates the activities of manning and dispensation committees and issues STCW, professional diving and pilots' certificates.

The legal and regulatory framework for shipping is becoming increasingly international in character with the introduction of harmonized rules in fields such as vessel construction, vessel equipment and marine telecommunications. ICETRA is responsible for preparing and publicizing the adoption of new maritime legislation. It also publishes marine safety training materials and promotes training in other ways. Vessel registration is the oldest task at the IMA, which has a statutory responsibility for maintaining the main register of ships.

Ship Technical Section main tasks

  • Review and approval of drawings and technical data (new buildings, modifications)
  • Tonnage measurements, review and approval of calculations, tonnage certificates
  • Review and approval of stability calculations, inclining tests
  • Technical assistance / appraisal to ship owners, shipyards, designers
  • Import of ships, for registration
  • Approval of safety and ship equipment
  • Technical assistance in regard to regulations
  • Other assignments

Port State Control Section main tasks

  • Port State Control Inspections: 25 % commitment, CIC, seminars, meetings
  • Maritime Security (ISPS Code): ship security, port facility security
  • Dangerous Goods (IMDG Code): stowage, cargo securing, storage
  • Safe loading and unloading of bulk carriers
  • ISM audits
  • SOPEP approval (MARPOL Convention)
  • Other assignments

Surveillance Division main tasks

Issue ship certificates:

  • Periodic ship certificates, e.g. certificate of seaworthiness, safety certificates, IOPP certificates

Survey of non-classed ships:

  • Non-classed ships not surveyed by inspection bodies with A accreditation

Initial survey:

  • New buildings, modifications of a major character, imported ships
  • Survey/inspection/assessment of new buildings, modification of a major character for ships 15 metres in length overall and over
  • Assessment of inspection bodies - type A accreditation:
  • Audits, random / scheduled inspections
  • Assessment of inspection bodies - type B accreditation
  • Audits, random / scheduled inspections
  • Assessment of classification societies
  • Audits, random / scheduled inspections
  • Assessment of various licences
  • Passenger licence, rafting, etc.
  • Market surveillance of recreational craft and equipment
  • CE marking of crafts and equipment
  • Assessment of survey reports and information, verification with database
  • Inspection bodies type A and B accreditation
  • Random inspections
  • Inspection in regard to specific items, main focus on life saving equipment in
  • cooperation with the Icelandic Coast Guard
  • Complaint in regard to accredited inspection bodies
  • Meetings, joint projects with accredited inspection bodies
  • Planning and review of inspection handbooks and survey report
  • Customer service
  • Assistance to other sections or divisions of ICETRA and other assignments

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