12 Knots

Common factors that can lead to accidents or incidents at sea

In the years 2017-2021 there were no fatal accidents at sea in Iceland. The number of accidents have also decreased in that same timeframe. Intensive education, stronger safety culture, and the involvement of the industry have been a big contributor thereof. However, accidents still happen as well as incidents that are close to having devastating consequences. The 12 Knots posters aim to reduce the number of those incidents.

12 knots is a list of twelve common factors that can lead to accidents or incidents at sea. Numerous stakeholders are participating in the project and twelve posters will be published in 2022 aimed at raising awareness and discussion about the safety of seafarers.

The model is a similar project, "The Dirty Dozen", which is a list of the twelve most common human factors that can lead to accidents or incidents in aviation-related activities.

The twelve posters will be published here throughout the year 2022 and sent to stakeholders. The posters can be saved, forwarded, printed or shared in a way that suits best so that an optimal distribution is achieved.

Calendar 2023 - 12 knots

12 knots in Icelandic

For further information or participation in the project, please send an email to fraedsla@samgongustofa.is.

#1. Lack of interest for safety


#2. Lack of discipline


#3. Lack of training

#4. Overestimation of competence


#5. Lack of knowledge


# 6. Lack of correct equipment


#7.Burdensome requirements


#8.Lack of teamwork


#9. Fatique

#10. Bad habits

10.-12-KNOTS-BAD-HABITS#11. Low self-confidence

11.-12-KNOTS-LOW-SELF-CONFIDENCE #12. Disrespect for co-workers  



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