Requirements for an aircraft type rating in Part 66 licences

From 1 April 2010, those who wish to apply for a type rating in Part 66 licences need to apply for an approval of the practical part of the training to the Icelandic Transport Authority (ICETRA) before the start of the training.

Requirements made for a type rating can be found in Annex III (Part 66) in accompanying document I to regulation no. 206/2007 on continuing airworthiness of aircraft and aeronautical products, parts, and equipment, and on approval for maintenance organisations and employees in this field. These requirements can also be found on the Web site of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). ICETRA wants to point out that it is necessary to read “acceptable means of compliance (AMC)” and “guidance material (GM)” concurrently with “implementing rules” to acquire a good understanding of the requirements made for a type rating in Part 66 licences.

It should be noted that the coverage here only includes airplanes and helicopters where a type rating course is a requirement before air mechanics can apply for a rating for the respective airplane in their Part 66 licence, airplanes such as Boeing, Airbus, Dash, Eurocopter SA332, and Cessna 500 but not small private airplanes.

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