Theoretical examination viewing

Examinees can apply to view their exams after each examination sitting. The viewing has a scheduled date that is advertised well in advance.


The application form for examination viewing is available on our website.

A filled out application shall be submitted via e-mail to: Please provide an electronic copy of the application in Word (.doc/.docx) or PDF format (.PDF).

The examination viewing will only disclose wrongly answered questions on the exam. Exams will be displayed electronically via a computer.


Payment can be made with:

  • credit card payment via tel. 480-6000 
  • wire transfer* into bank acc. 0515-26-131260 ssn. 540513-1040
    * receipt with student info. must be sent to:

The cost of viewing each exam is 603 ISK for both PPL and ATPL.

The correct application form must be submitted before the application deadline, along with payment. Applications and payments received after deadline passes will not be processed.

Only examinees from the last examination session at ICETRA can apply for a theoretical examination viewing session at each time.

Examination viewings coming up

Next theoretical examination viewing will take place at ICETRA, Armuli 2, 108 Reykjavik, 2 November 2022.

Private Pilot Licence (PPL) and Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL):

  • Examination viewing session starts at 13:00 and closes at 14:00.
  • A limited amount of applicants can view their exams at once. 

Applicants have 15 minutes to view each examination subject (60 minutes at most for all subjects).

Last day for applicants to apply and pay for the viewing is 30 October 2022. Applications for an exam viewing received after that time will be rejected.

Examination viewing fees are non-refundable after application deadline.

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