Examination rules

The following rules apply to all theoretical knowledge examinations and examination viewings

It is examinee´s responsibility to acquaint himself with and abide the examination rules.

Examinee must have passed exams at ATO (75%) before registering for exams at Icetra. School exams at an ATO are valid for 12 months for each individual subject. 

A confirmation, of an applicants' recommendation from an ATO, is required prior to the examinee being granted a sitting in each individual subject.

In case of a prior fail in theoretical examination set as a whole.  Before        re-taking the theoretical knowledge examinations, an applicant shall undertake further training at an ATO. The extent and scope of the training needed shall be determined by the ATO, based on the needs of the applicant.  Confirmation of training from ATO is needed prior to registering for Icetra exams.

Copying or distribution of examinations is forbidden. The examinations are confidential between examinees and Icetra.

Examinee shall be polite and comply with invigilators and Icetra staff instructions at all times.  Examinee may face an expulsion from exam should they not abide invigilators instructions or should they be found to violate any of the exam rules.

Food is not allowed in the exam room.  Only bottled drinks with caps are allowed.

Examinee shall keep exam room and Icetra facilities as clean as possible during exams. 

Before the exam

Examinee must show a valid photo identification (ID) before taking an exam (i.e. passport or a driver´s licence).

All phones, smartwatches and other electronic equipment must be turned off and handed in to invigilator before taking exam.

Jackets, windbreakers, hats, caps, bags, pencilcases etc. must be left with invigilator before taking exam.

Programmable calculators are not allowed. Exceptions are made if invigilator has reset the calculator on „factory settings“. No responsibility is taken for calculators after resetting them on „factory reset“.

It is the students responsibility to select the correct examination subject and language at the start of each exam.


During the exam

Do not write anything on scratch paper before pressing “start“ button to start the exam.

All communication between students are prohibited while in the exam room. 

Do not look at anyone´s computer screen except your own.

Do not open other softwares or browsers in the examination computers.

Only Icetra approved examination aids are allowed during the exam.  All other items or documents are prohibited.

Examination aids shall not have answers to graphs, highlights/underlines or include glossaries of any kind. Periodic checks will be performed by invigilators and items confescated if proved to be in violation of these rules.

If an examinee brings examination aids to exams that do not meet above conditions it may be considered a violation of examination rules and the examination aids will be removed from the candidate.

Examinee may face a minimum 12 month ban from all exam taking in EASA member states due to cheating.

All communications between examinees, verbal and non-verbal, are not allowed during the exam.


After the exam

Examinee shall always sign their scratch paper and hand it in to invigilator after every exam, along with their log-in papers and Annexes.



Allowed examination aids


Students are allowed to bring the following to examination:


  • Writing utensils
  • Non-programmable calculator
  • Mechanical navigation slide-rule (DR calculator)
  • Protractor (plotter)
  • Compass and divider
  • Ruler


  • VFR chart of Iceland for Navigation and Flight Performance and Planning


  • Mass and Balance: CAP 696
  • Flight Planning & Monitoring: Jeppesen General Student Pilot Route Manual (GSPRM 2017) and CAP 697
  • General Navigation: Jeppesen General Student Pilot Route Manual (GSPRM 2017)
  • Performance: CAP 698

Other items or documents are prohibited.

Surveillance camera system is in the exam room.

Violation of these rules above may lead to an expulsion and invalidation of an exam, or an invalidation of the examinations as a whole.

Candidates found to be cheating will have all their exams at Icetra invalidated and banned from any further examinations within all EASA member states for minimum 12 months.

An applicant is considered to have passed theoretical examinations at Icetra if he/she has completed exams in all subjects with a pass standard of 75% or higher.  Grades are given with two decimal points (e.g. 75,00).  Icetra does not round up grades nor does Icetra deduct points for wrong answers. 


Pass standards, validity and other conditions

  • Pass standard for each examination paper is at least 75%
  • Applicants must pass all required theoretical knowledge examination papers within a period of 18 months counted from the end of the calendar month when the applicant first attempted an examination
  • Applicants must pass each examination paper within 4 attempts
  • (ATPL) Applicants must pass all required examination papers within 6 sittings
  • (ATPL) Before an applicant can be recommended by an ATO to sit their final examination paper at the first attempt they shall have successfully completed all the applicable "Area 100 – KSA" summative assessments and the mental maths test at their ATO.

The successful completion of the theoretical knowledge examination will be valid for:

  • 24 months for PPL
  • 36 months for CPL/IR

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