Training and Licensing

Training and Licencing Section manages the issue of aviation licences for individuals

Information on requirements concerning licences, including training and exams, can mainly be found in the respective regulations no. 400/2008, 180/2014 and 854/2016

  • Applicants for licences and licence holders can send general enquiries to
  • Enquiries concerning licences of aircraft maintenance technicians Part-66 should be sent to The aim is to reply to all enquiries within three days of receiving them.

The operations of the Section are essentially fourfold:

  • The Section oversees the knowledge and skills of flight crew members and handles the issue and re-issue of licences and confirms that flight crew members have acquired the knowledge and skills required for specific licences and that they have maintained that knowledge and skills. The Section furthermore handles the issue of licences for aircraft maintenance technicians and air traffic controllers in collaboration with other sections.
  • The Section issues authorisation for flight training organisations and oversees their operation, where candidates train for private and commercial pilot licences, as well as various ratings.
  • The Section handles all theory and practical exams for private and commercial pilot licences and is also responsible for exams for all kinds of type ratings which examiners under the auspices of the Icelandic Transport Authority (ICETRA) handle.
  • The operations of the Section also consist in granting authorisations for aviation medical examiners to handle medical examinations of flight crew members, as well as overseeing such operations. All medical examinations are reviewed, and the Aeromedical Section is responsible for managing the issue of medical certificates.

The operations of the Licencing Section are in large part based on the work of specialists working on a part time basis. In this way, the Section gains access to expert knowledge in specific fields. This expert knowledge is necessary for being able to grant authorisations, conduct exams, and oversee the operations of the training organisations.

A number of enquiries are submitted daily especially concerning training and licences. The aim of the Training and Licencing department is for issues, re-issues, and ratings for licences to be quickly processed, on the condition that all necessary information has been received.

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