Information Dissememination

The carrier/air operator has various obligations to inform passengers about their rights.

All carriers who sell or engage in air carriage in Iceland or to and from Iceland shall make available to passengers in writing at all points of sale, including telephone sale and Internet sale, information concerning:

  • The principal provisions applicable to liability for passengers and their baggage, including the limits of liability for loss of life or bodily injury, loss or damage to baggage and cargo and for delays;
  • Time limits for claiming damages; and
  • The option of making a special declaration concerning baggage at all points of sale.

Travel and contract conditions shall be available at all times to passengers in a simple and clear format on the websites and at the sales offices of carriers, their agents, travel agencies and at departure check-in counters. (See Article 125 in the Aviation Act no. 60/1998 with subsequent amendments.)

At the check-in counter, a clearly legible notice shall be displayed where passengers are instructed to familiarise themselves with written information on their rights, especially as regards compensation and assistance in instances where a passenger is denied boarding, a flight is cancelled, or a flight is delayed for at least two hours.

Passengers who experience the above-mentioned inconveniences shall be provided with a written notice setting out the rules on compensation and assistance in accordance with the provisions of regulation no. 1048/2012 on the introduction of regulation EC no. 261/2004 which establishes common rules on compensation and assistance to passengers in the event of denied boarding and of cancellation or long delay of flights.

In the case of blind or visually impaired passengers, the carrier/air operator is obligated to inform them of the content of the rules using appropriate means. (See Article 14 of regulation no. 261/2004.)

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