Security check

Once passengers have checked in, the next step is to go through the security screening. The best way to save time is making sure you do not have any prohibited items in your hand luggage.

Checked Baggage

Baggage checked in by the carrier, and carried in the hold of the aircraft.

What must I do before arriving at the terminal to check in for my flight?
When packing for your journey, bear in mind that make-up bags, toothpaste, hair products, perfume bottles, creams, after shave, deodorants, soaps, shaving cream and other similar items should preferably be packed in the baggage you plan to check in.

Also remember to pack in the baggage you plan to check in those items which are not permitted in hand baggage, such as scissors, nail files, penknives, etc. If such items are found in hand baggage at security screening, they are invariably removed and confiscated before the passenger can continue.

How can I speed up security screening

Have your travel documents/ boarding pass and/or identification/passport ready for examination.
Be ready to place your hand baggage in one of the plastic trays on the conveyor belt in front of the x-ray machines, if applicable.

Do the following before you arrive at the security gate:

Remove the plastic bag containing liquids from your hand baggage
Remove your laptop computer or other larger electronic items from hand baggage
Take off your coat, jacket. Remove your belt. Empty your pockets. 
These items are screened separately

What happens if a prohibited item is found in hand baggage?
If a prohibited item (e.g. sharp objects, liquids in containers exceeding 100 ml) is found at security screening, the passenger is not permitted to carry them through security screening.

When the passenger reaches security screening, it is too late to place the prohibited item in checked baggage. Icelandic airports have no facilities for storage of prohibited items.

Liquids - 100ml rule

Only limited quantities of liquids may be carried through airport security into the departure lounge. This includes bottled drinks, suntan lotion, fragrances, cosmetics, toiletries and all frozen liquids.

The following restrictions apply to all liquids, creams, gels, pastes and aerosols taken through security control:

  • Liquids may only be carried in containers holding 100ml or less.
    • Transparent and resealable
    • No larger than 20cm x 20cm (8in x 8in)
    • Able to close properly with all the items inside.
  • They must be carried separately in a single bag which is:
  • At security control, place the bag in the tray with your other items.
  • Liquids in containers over 100ml will not be permitted through security – please pack them in your hold baggage instead.

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