Requirements for AOC Holders

Air Operators Certificate

In 1944 Iceland was one of the founder members of the International Civil Aviation Organization, ICAO, which is an institution within the United Nations, and which is committed to upholding its standards and regulations in aviation.  The Icelandic Transport Authority has been a member of the Joint Aviation Authorities, JAA, since 1990 where it has participated in developing regulations and in implementing them in Iceland. These regulations are usually called the “JAR's”, and are detailed European requirements based on the ICAO requirements. Iceland has implemented all the latest amendments of the JAR's and has during the JAA standardization visit of JAA gained mutual recognition in operation and licensing as well as in airworthiness before the foundation of EASA.

Iceland as a member of EASA has implemented all regulations related to airworthiness, both initial and continuous, such as regulation 1702/2003 and regulation 2042/2003.  The Icelandic Transport Authority has received standardization visits from EASA in that area which have confirmed full compliances.

Iceland implements all aviation regulation of the EU through the EEA treaty; therefore EU OPS will replace JAR-OPS 1 shortly and all EU regulation regarding aviation security is in force in Iceland. Furthermore EU regulation 2096/2005 regarding air navigation services has been implemented.
The Icelandic Transport Authority is Iceland's is also a founding member of ECAC.

In short
To be an Icelandic AOC holder one must fulfill the requirements of JAR OPS 1 / EU OPS and PART M and EU- regulation 2407/92 regarding financial and economic requirements.

The following operators hold a current Icelandic AOC


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