Guidance Material

Instructional material for air operators

 Material Content Entry into force
GM001IS útg. 2 EU-OPS og undanþágur til íslenskra flugrekenda. Tilvísun í reglugerð EEC 3922/91 Annex III (EU-OPS) með síðari breytingum. 01/02/09
GM002EN útg. 3 EU-OPS: Subpart Q - regulation 1043/2008 30 October 2008 Flight and duty time limitations and rest requirements. Regulation EEC 3922/91 Annex III (EU-OPS) with later amendments. 03/04/09
GM003EN EU-OPS: Initial Safety Training of Cabin Crew sjá einnig 22/05/09
GM004EN EU-OPS:  Cabin crew medical assessment 25/08/09

GM006IS EU-OPS: Tímabundnar útgáfur flugrekstrarhandbóka. Tilvísun í reglugerð EEC 3922/91 viðbætir III (EU-OPS) með síðari breytingum / Rg. 1263/2008 15/07/11

Various Regulations

 Material Content Entry into force
EEC No 3922/91 EU-OPS Commission Regulation (EC) No 859/2008 of 20 August 2008 amending Council Regulation (EEC) No 3922/91 as regards common technical requirements and administrative procedures applicable to commercial transportation by aeroplane. 01/02/09
AGM TGL44 JAA Administrative & Guidance Material Section Four: Operations, Part Three: Temporary Guidance Leaflet (JAR-OPS).  LEAFLET No 44:  JAR-OPS 1 AMT 13 SECTION 2 UPDATED TO INCORPORATE SECTION 2 TEXT PROPOSALS FROM SUSPENDED NPAs.  01/02/09

AIC - Aerodrome Information Circular of the Flight Operations Section

 Material Content Entry into force
FOI001Erev0 EU-OPS: Changes in Subpart O - regulation 1043/2008 16 July 2009 Cabin Crew.  Regulation EEC 3922/91 Annex III (EU-OPS) with later amendments  10/05/09
 FOI002EN  Guidance for those nominated as Accountable Manager  20/08/2010

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