Registration of drones for commercial use

  • Drones intended for commercial use only need to be registered. 
  • Drones used for recreational purposes only, do not have to be registered.

Registration of a drone is a simple process and free of charge.

You can register the drone here

As soon the registration form is submitted to the Transport Authority, you will receive confirmation number of registration. This number is also the registration number and no other information is necessary. Your drone has been registered!

Excerpts from Article 14 of regulation no. 990/2017Operators of remotely piloted aircraft with a maximum take-off mass of up to 25 kg and which are not flown for leisure purposes shall communicate to the Icelandic Transport Authority the following information before their use for the first time:
- Information on the operator
- Information on the aircraft
- Information on its intended use
- Information on whether flights within densely populated area are planned

Changes in use shall be notified to the Icelandic Transport Authority before they are implemented.

See regulation no. 990/2017 in English here

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