Information material on drone operation

The Icelandic Transport Authority has published some information material about drone operation, which shows in a simplified manner some fundamental things to keep in mind when preparing and during flights. 

For information on flying drones in Icelandic nature or protected areas please see the website of the Icelandic Environmental Agency

For information on flying drones in national parks see the following links:
Vatnajökull National Park
Þingvellir National Park
Snæfellsjökull National Park

Regulation No. 990/2017 on the operation of remotely piloted aircraft

  Regulation 990/2017

  • It is prohibited to fly a drone at a height of more than 120 metres without a special permission from the Icelandic Transport Authority. Registration form for drones and application for special permissions. The base fee for the issuance of an authorization of exemption of article 12 in Regulation 990/2017 permission to fly a drone is specified in section 14.1. in Icelandic Transport Authority tariff.
  • It is prohibited to fly a drone within a specific distance from the boundary of an aerodrome without permission from the airport operator. However, no special permission is needed where the drones are flown below the height of the highest structures in the immediate vicinity of the flight trajectory of the drone.

The distance limit for airports with scheduled international air services, is 2 km. The distance limit for other airports with scheduled sir services, is 1,5 km

A permit from Isavia, the airport operator, is required for flying a remotely piloted aircraft within:
a) 2 km from the boundaries of Keflavik Airport, Reykjavik Airport, Akureyri Airport and Egilsstadir Airport.
b) 1.5 km from the boundaries of other scheduled air service airports, with the exception that flights operated below the height of the highest structures in the immediate vicinity of the flight trajectory of the aircraft, do not require permits.

You can apply for an exemption from this rule from Isavia. Check Isavia website.

  • The approval of an aerodrome operator is always needed for all flying within the aerodrome site.
  • Operators of drones are responsible for their use and the damage they may cause.

Posters of drones for leisure and commercial use

Drones in Iceland, poster with rules Use of drones in Iceland: Mandatory rules

Video on some basic rules of drone flying in Iceland



In article 11 of the Regulation no 990/2017 there are some general requirements stipulated on drone operation:
- Drones can be up to 25 kg
- Do not create unnecessary disturbance or danger
- Do not hurt people or animals or cause damage
- Do not operate drones under the influence of alcohol or other drugs
- Be familiar with the operation of the drone


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