Specialised Operations (SPO)

Guidance for Specialised Operations

Specialised operations (SPO) are any operations where the aircraft is used for specialised activities such as agriculture, construction, photography, surveying, observation and patrol, aerial advertisement or maintenance check flights.

Annex VIII to Regulation (EU) No 965/2012 (Part-SPO) contains the provisions which apply to commercial specialised operation of aircraft, as well as non-commercial specialised operation of complex motor-powered aircraft. Non-commercial specialised operation of other-than-complex motor-powered aircraft shall be operated in accordance with the provisions set out in Annex VII (Part-NCO) of the Regulation.

The requirements for operators planning on conducting SPO may be found in Annex III of the Regulation, Part-ORO (ORO.GEN, ORO.DEC. ORO.SPO)

It is not necessary to obtain an authorisation from ICETRA in order to conduct specialised operations, however a declaration (FOL-710), which may be found on the website of ICETRA, must be submitted. Once a confirmation of receipt of the declaration has been received, the operation may begin. Excluded from this is any type of high risk special operation, where an authorization from ICETRA is required.

Specialised Operations may only be conducted on aircraft subject to Regulation (EU) No 216/2008.

More information on specialised operation can be found on the EASA website.
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