EASA approved Organisations

  • Part 145 Approved Maintenance Organisations

    Part-CAMO approved organisations

    Part-CAO approved organisation

    • IS.145.001 Air Atlanta Icelandic
    • IS.145.002 Icelandair ehf.
    • IS.145.004 Flugfélag Íslands ehf. (Air Iceland)
    • IS.145.005 Ernir ehf. (Ernir Air)
    • IS.145.008 Bláfugl ehf. (Bluebird Nordic)
    • IS.145.010 Landhelgisgæslan (Icelandic Coast Guard)
    • IS.145.011 Atlantsflug ehf. (ATF)
    • IS.145.012 GMT ehf.
    • IS.145.013 SO Tech ehf.
    • IS.145.014 Arctic Maintenance ehf.
    • IS.145.017 Flugverk ehf.
    • IS.145.020 Challenge Technic
    • IS.145.021 Hi-Jet Aviation ehf.
    • IS.CAMO.001 Icelandair ehf.
    • IS.CAMO.003 Flugfélag Íslands ehf. (Air Iceland)
    • IS.CAMO.008 Air Atlanta Icelandic
    • IS.CAMO.014 Mýflug hf. (Myflug Air)
    • IS.CAMO.020 Bláfugl ehf. (Bluebird Nordic)
    • IS.CAMO.021 Flugfélalgið Ernir ehf. (Ernir Air)
    • IS.CAMO.025 Norðurflug ehf.
    • IS.CAMO.027 Landhelgisgæsla Íslands (Icelandic Coast Guard)
    • IS.CAMO.028 Norlandair ehf.
    • IS.CAMO.033 Atlantsflug ehf.
    • IS.CAMO.037 Þyrluþjónustan ehf. (Helicopter Service of Iceland)
    • IS.CAMO.041 ADG ehf. (Aero Design Global)
    • IS.CAMO.042 Flugfélag Austurlands ehf. (Flying East)
    • IS.CAMO.043 Fly Play hf
    • IS.CAO.001 Flugverk ehf (Continuing-airworthiness management)

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