Guidance materials - airworthiness

SubjectTitleEntry into force
FOI003ENInformation Letter: Principal Place of Business 06.10.2022
LHD-201ALeiðbeiningar í kjölfar úttektar fyrir
eiganda eða leigutaka loftfara í einkaflugi
110117-TBO Extension ICETRA Requirements on Light Aircraft Piston Engine TBO 17.01.2011
FOI002ENGuidance for those nominated as Accountable Manager 17.08.2016
Part-21 policyIcelandic Transport Authority Part-21 Subpart F and G policy 12.04.2022
ICETRA co-opted osbserver membership of the Irish NANDTBDue to the absence of an Icelandic national aerospace NDT (NANDT) board, ICETRA has applied and been accepted as a co-opted observer member of the Irish NANDT board. The qualification of NDT personnel must be conducted by personnel or organisations under the general control of the Irish NANDT board (refer to Part 145.A.30(f), Part-CAO.A.035(f) and EN4179:2021 as amended) 27.09.2022

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