General Aviation - Ferry flights

The information below is needed to process an overflight and landing application for aircraft that is operating on a Permit to fly, temporary or limited Airworthiness Certificate      


  • Air Operator Certificate, (AOC) if applicable
  • Operations Specification (Ops-Spec) if applicable
  • Certificate of Airworthiness (Special Flight Permit or Limited Certificate of Airworthiness)
  • Operations limitations (if any)
  • Noise Certificate (when applicable)
  • Intended flight route & dates
  • Handling Agent in Iceland, if applicable
  • Insurance documents in compliance with EC 785/2004, including third party liability
  • Postal/Billing Address     

Please forward copies of the following documents, as a minimum, to Note that when the aircraft is operating on a Special Flight Permit, or limited Certificate of Airworthiness, the ICETRA charges a fee of the amount of  IKR 31.111. Please provide credit card number.

Note - This does not apply for  Aircraft registered in EASA Member State with Permit to Fly issued on EASA Form 20a or 20b.

Also Note - This does not apply for Aircraft operating on a Standard Unrestricted Certificate of Airworthiness.

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