ATM/ANS, Aerodromes and Aviation Security

The role of the Infrastructure and Navigation Division in regards to aviation is administration, certification and oversight of air navigation, aerodromes, and aviation security in Iceland

Besides oversight, this includes designation and certification of Air Navigation Service Providers, certification of aerodromes and approvals for aviation security. The Division also provides input and guidance for preparation of the national transport plan and related projects, and supports implementation and development of requirements and regulations.

Aerodromes include aerodromes serving international civil aviation, other aerodromes (domestic) and registered landing strips. Air navigation services consist of air traffic services; meteorological services; aeronautical information services; and communication-, navigation-, and surveillance services. 

Air navigation service provision, the operation of aerodromes and aviation security in Iceland is subject to EU legislation through the EEA Agreement (EFTA/EEA). Furthermore, Iceland has implemented applicable ICAO standards and recommended practices.

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