Updated Guidelines for busses/coaches due to COVID-19


Here you will find updated Guidelines for busses/coaches due to COVID-19 from Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management, Icelandic Tourist Board and Icelandic Transport Authority in Icelandic and English.

  1. Masks must be worn if the 1-metre physical distancing rule cannot be kept.
  2. Children born in 2006 and later are exempted from wearing masks and physical distancing.
  3. COVID-19 guidelines and signs from the Directorate of Health should be visible at the entrance of the coach/bus (available both in Icelandic and English).
  4. Hand sanitizer should be available by the entrance and passengers should clean their hands when entering the coach/bus.
  5. Passengers should enter and exit the vehicle calmly and keep an appropriate distance from others.
  6. Passengers should respect physical distance when seated, as much as possible. People travelling together are allowed to sit together.
  7. If a bus/coach is being used to transport passengers in quarantine, the following applies:
    a. Everyone must wear a face mask the entire trip.
    b. Passengers should respect the 1-meter physical distancing rule. Passengers in close contact, e.g. families and travel companions from the same plane or the same ship can sit together as they did on board.
    c. Respect the 1-meter physical distance between the driver and the passengers.
    d. The general rule is for passengers to take care of their luggage, both loading and unloading.
    e. It is important to ventilate the vehicle whenever possible, especially between trips.
    f. The driver must clean the vehicle between journeys according to the instructions from the Directorate of Health.

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