New overall policy and new look


A new overall Policy of the Icelandic Transport Authority has been approved for the period 2022 to 2024. The Policy is a guide to the future that we want to build in the coming years. This vision for the future states the commitment of the Icelandic Transport Authority to work hand in hand with stakeholders in improving transport safety for the benefit of the whole community.

The policy and its emphasis are based on four main tasks of the organization:

  • Efficient administration
  • Targeted services and information sharing
  • Professional licensing and risk-based supervision
  • Progressive and dynamic internal work

The core of the Icelandic Transport Authority's operations is transport safety. The Icelandic society is constantly evolving and adaptation is necessary for progress. The goal should always be to make progress and ensure that we are at least equal to other leading nations. Part of that journey is to contribute as much as possible to the safety of people on the move, regardless of modes of transport. Much has been achieved, but it is always possible to do better through cooperation.

On this occasion, the Icelandic Transport Authority has launched a special website where it is possible to get to know the policy better. The policy website is an important forum for making the policy accessible to those of us who work according to it. Whereas good cooperation is a key factor in fulfilling expectations and achieving results, this also applies to external partners who are connected to the agency's work. The strategy website will be processed further, displaying the main projects in progress to ensure continuous development of the policy. The website is currently only available in Icelandic.

New branding of the Icelandic Transport Authority

Along with the new policy, the Icelandic Transport Authority gets a new look and logo. In the new logo of the Icelandic Transport Authority, theSamgongustofa_logo_CMYK_enska three divisions of the Icelandic Transport Authority (maritime, road and  aviation safety) merge into one visually strong whole. The colours are modern, fresh and decisive. The new look is suitable for all digital content, as the emphasis on digital communication has increased in recent years. We emphasise the need to stay united on our journey to make transport in Iceland safer and more environmentally friendly, whether traveling by air, land or sea. Whether we drive, fly, sail, cycle, use electric boats, cars, aircraft, or ships, we all have a common objective in pursuing ambitious safety goals.

New organization chart of the Icelandic Transport Authority

The organization chart of the Icelandic Transport Authority has been changed to support this journey and to further strengthen the activities within each transport mode. Each mode of traffic, aviation, maritime, and road belongs to a special division that will enjoy the support of the Administration Division and the Director-General Office. In this way, the attention will be clearer on individual issues and synergy will be achieved where common areas merge. The journey has begun and many threads need to be spun in close collaboration with all stakeholders.

There are exciting times ahead at the Icelandic Transport Authority. May we continue to ensure safe transport in Iceland in years to come. Let us all travel together on that journey.

The policy of the Icelandic Transport Authority 2022-2024
New organization chart of the Icelandic Transport Authority
New design website for the Icelandic Transport Authority