The testing of children and people with vaccination certificates or certificates of prior infections will be stopped at Icelandic borders


The Minister of Health has decided to amend the disease prevention rules at the borders applicable as of the 1st of July to the 15th of August.

  • On the 1st of July testing of those who submit valid vaccination certificates with vaccines approved by the European Medicines Evaluation Agency and/or by WHO will be stopped. A vaccination is considered valid when two weeks have passed from the time when the person in question received the latter injection of the vaccine, but when a person has been vaccinated with the Janssen vaccine one week must pass from the vaccination.
  • Testing of children born after 2005 will stop.
  • Those submitting valid vaccination certificates and certificates of prior infections of COVID-19 and children born after 2005 will not need to submit negative PCR-certificates upon arrival to the country as of the 1st of July.