Regarding news on possible volcanic eruption in Bardarbunga


Two Aeronautical Information Circulars (AIC) have been issued with information and guidance for aircraft operations in volcanic ash.

 Icelandic Transport Authority(IceTra)  is the Civil Aviation Regulatory authority for Iceland.  The IceTra is responsible for the oversight of Icelandic AOC holders and Isavia the Air Navigation Service Provider and the Icelandic MET office providing MET services for aviation .

Isavia is responsible for Air Traffic Services and Airport operations.  Isavia is also responsible for Aeronautical Information Service and will provide all necessary information in the event of an volcanic eruption.  This includes publication of NOTAM.  For further inrfomation see

The Icelandic MET office monitors the volcanic activities and in the event of an eruption the IMO will publish a SIGMET with forecast of ash contamination. For further information see  and

All stakeholders have in the recent days reviewed their contingency plans and IceTra monitors cosely the progress of events.

Information about passenger rights regarding cancelled flights due to natural disasters can be found on IceTra's website.