Prohibition against landing aircraft near Holuhraun lava field


The Icelandic Transport Authority wishes to underline that the National Commissioner of Police and the Department of Civil Protection considers that the declared restricted area and danger zone in connection with the volcanic eruptions at Holuhraun and the earthquakes in Bardarbunga covers all traffic and presence in the area, including the landing of aircraft, cf. Article 19 of the Police Act No. 90/1996 and Article 23 of the Civil Protection Act No. 82/2008.

The prohibition has been subject to special exceptions in accordance with a decision by the Department of Civil Protection and Police each time, and only covers journalists and scientists who meet certain criteria.  Such exemptions have been granted to those who carry out their work from aircraft. The Vatnajökull National Park has participated in these proceedings. 

According to information received by the Icelandic Transport Authority, there have been instances where aircraft has landed within the area.

The restricted area can be seen on the map below.

Holuhraun - map of restricted area