Performance scheme for air navigation services


States within the Single European Sky are required to develop a performance scheme for air navigation services (ANS). The purpose of the performance plan is to support the sustainability of air transport and promote long-term improvements in performance in terms of efficiency and optimal use of airspace, capacity, cost efficiency and air pollution due to air transport.

The Icelandic Transport Agency has now published the first edition of Iceland's Performance Plan, for the reference period 2020-2024 . Key performance indicators were identified for: safety, environment, capacity and cost efficiency. This performance plan is considered a precursor performance plan as it does not include any targets and it is the intention to use data collection for the period to set realistic targets for Reference Period 1. Hence, no performance targets are defined and the plan is noted for a „Reference period 0“ for that purpose. The scope of the performance plan is the oceanic area of the Reykjavik FIR and the Icelandic Transport Agency has consulted with the main stakeholders in the preparation of this plan.

In light of latest challenges in air transport, Covid-19, it is worth noting that the plan was published based on the situation on January 1, 2020. Therefore the analysis in the report does not touch on the Covid-19. Transport Agency encourages interested parties to submit comments and / or suggestions to ICETRA for the continued development of the Plan for Reference Period 1.