New ATPL syllabus


The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has issued an extensive update to the theoretical syllabus for training courses required for a professional pilot licence. This “new syllabus” will soon be implemented at Icelandic flight schools (ATOs), with all theoretical ATPL training course starting after May 31st 2020 being aligned with the new syllabus.

The Icelandic Transport Authority (ICETRA) would like to emphasize that this update entails significant changes to the structure of theoretical training required for an ATPL licence. It will affect all students who undergo theoretical training after the implementation date, including students which require further training at an ATO prior to re-taking the ATPL theoretical knowledge exams at ICETRA.

Principal changes to the ATPL theoretical syllabus include:

  • Revised syllabus with Learning Objectives (LOs) moved between subjects and duplicates deleted;
  • Existing LOs updated and new LOs introduced for most subjects, taking into account new technology (outdated removed), current safety priorities and changes in operational practices;
  • Examination subjects “091 – VFR COM” and “092 – IFR COM” have been combined to a single subject, “090 – Communications”;
  • A new theoretical subject has been introduced, “Area 100 – Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes (KSA)”. Please note that this subject will not be a part of CAA theoretical knowledge exams. Before being recommended by an ATO to sit the final examination paper at the first attempt (in CAA exams), the applicant shall have successfully completed the applicable “Area 100 – KSA” summative assessments and mental maths test at the ATO.

Particular attention is drawn to the fact that “older” students, trained according to the old syllabus, will not be able to start a new attempt using the old question bank after August 31st 2020, e.g. following a failed attempt at CAA exams. As always, these students will need to seek further training at an ATO.

Students are instructed to be in touch with their flight school regarding any further information on the before mentioned changes.

The regulation in whole is accessible via the EASA website.

Further information on ICETRA webpage:

New ATPL syllabus
Information about the new subject "Area 100 - Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes"