Iceland to join EUROCONTROL – Transitional Agreement signed


IMG_4001-vefur_1663256041621 From the signing of the contract this morning: Eamonn Brennan, CEO of Eurocontrol, on the left, and Jón Gunnar Jónsson, CEO of The Icelandic Transport Authority, on the right.

The Transitional Agreement was signed today in Reykjavik by Mr Jón Gunnar Jónsson, Director General of the Icelandic Transport Authority and Eamonn Brennan, Director General of EUROCONTROL. Under the terms of the Agreement, Iceland will be able to participate in the tasks and activities of EUROCONTROL and also be present as an Observer in the decision-making and working groups.

Signing the Agreement, Eamonn Brennan said “I am delighted to be signing this Agreement which is an important step towards the integration of Iceland as EUROCONTROL’s 42nd Member State on 1 January 2025. We have been working closely with Iceland for many years and welcome their decision to join EUROCONTROL and take on all the rights and obligations of our Member States. Iceland is a growing destination from Europe – there were over 150 flights a day on average this summer alone – so their further integration into the European network will be beneficial from both an operational and a strategic perspective.”

IMG_4012-vefur_1663256231867 The group in front of Samgungstofa this morning. Jón Gunnar and Eamonn in the middle. In addition to them, the picture includes other representatives of Eurocontrol, the Icelandic Transport Authority, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Isavia.

On the occasion Jon Gunnar Jonsson said ”After an encouraging cooperation with Eurocontol for many years, where Iceland has had a preliminary observer status, an important step has now been taken. The geographical location of Iceland causes aviation and air navigation to be of vital importance for the nation, not only as a key economical factor for growth and prosperity, but also as the main mode of transport across borders. The most important asset for the development and maintenance of infrastructure in the field of aviation is cooperation between peers. By signing the Agreement, Iceland confirms its determination to become a Member State of EUROCONTROL, with full participation in its activities and future development.”