Fee-paying passengers


A volcanic eruption has once again begun on the Reykjanes peninsula and people are interested in seeing the eruption from the air as well as from land. The Icelandic Transport Authority would like to inform those who intend to utilize the services of those offering flights to the eruption of the following:

Only air operators with a valid Air Operator Certificate (AOC) may charge a fee for flights, e.g. sightseeing flights over the eruption. The list of operators holding an AOC is accessible on the Icelandic Transport Authority website.

Flights with air operators holding a valid AOC offer more safety than general aviation as there are more stringent safety requirements laid upon operators with AOCs. There are stricter rules for the training and examination of pilots as well as stricter obligations concerning operational control and management of the maintenance of the aircraft which are registered for commercial flights.


Private pilots may however share the direct operating cost of a flight between themselves and their passengers. This includes the cost of renting an aircraft and fuel costs. Private pilots may not conduct flights for commercial purposes. The intention is that friends and acquaintances may split the costs between themselves and that the extent of the operations is limited. No profits may be generated by such operations.

The maximum number of persons on a cost-sharing flight is six, including the pilot.

Further information may be found on the Icelandic Transport Authority website.