Drone flying is prohibited over 120 meters


The Icelandic Transport Authority (ICETRA) draws attention to useful information on drone flights and rules that e.g. are intended to ensure the segregation of drones and other aircraft, including:

  • Do not fly a drone higher than 120 m above the ground
  • Always give way to manned aircraft
  • Drones shall not be flown beyond visual line of sight ( BVLOS)
  • The operator of the drone is responsible for any damage that may result from its use
  • For commercial drones, additional requirements are in place, for example regarding registration
In the event of a violation that could endanger safety, it may be necessary to ban drone flying near the volcano.

Drone operators are encouraged to monitor notices published on the website of the Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management .
Further information can be found on the drone website of the Icelandic Transport Authority.