Ban on Russian vessels from Icelandic ports


Port managers have been sent an information letter amending the regulation on EU sanctions against Russia regarding Ukraine, which are being implemented in Iceland. The change includes e.g. a ban on the arrival of ships registered in Russia to Icelandic ports. The ban took effect in Iceland last Friday.

Vessels registered in Russia that are not permitted to arrive in Iceland are:

  • Passenger and cargo ships over 500 gross tons
  • Recreational craft, pleasure craft and yachts
  • Fishing vessels falling under the scope of the Marpol Convention
Exemptions are granted in case of emergency in accordance with international agreements. Also e.g. for humanitarian reasons, in which case it is necessary to apply for a permit to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.
Further information on the Icelandic government's response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine can be found on the Ministry for Foreign Affairs' website.