Air passenger rights


In light of the recent news coverage of flight delays and cancellations due to storms, the Icelandic Transport Authority would like to draw attention to air passengers' rights and a special information poster about those rights.

The information poster is based on the rights of air passengers according to EC regulation no.261/2004 on standard rules for compensation and assistance to passengers who are denied boarding and when flights are cancelled or there is a long delay, which states, among other things, that air carriers are obliged to inform passengers of their rights according to the regulation in cases where disruption will be flying, i.e. on m. when a flight is cancelled.

The informationposter can be accessed electronically on the website of the Icelandic Transport Authority and can easily be printed out, handed to passengers and hung up as a poster.

You can also access more detailed information on the rights of air passengers on the website of the Icelandic Transport Authority. Among other things, you can get answers to questions about whether an air passenger is entitled to compensation and how to claim that right. There is also information on how to send a complaint to the Icelandic Transport Authority if a passenger is dissatisfied with the answers of a particular airline regarding passenger rights based on EC regulation no. 261/2004.

If you have any questions, you can send them to