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COVID-19: Borders - revised criteria for the definition of high-risk areas

The definition of criteria for determining whether countries or areas are considered high-risk areas has been revised. In addition to criteria on the incidence rate of infection, a condition will be added regarding the ratio of positive samples which influences whether a region or country is considered a high-risk area or not. 

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Ban on unnecessary travel from high-risk areas

The Minister of Justice has issued a regulation banning unnecessary travel from specified high-risk areas due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The regulation enters into force, 27 April, and remains in force until the end of May.

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Border measures - amended requirements for quarantine from 9th of April due to COVID-19

Clearer requirements are made for home quarantine, regarding housing and rules of conduct. Those who are unable to stay in a home quarantine that fulfills the requirements will need to stay at a quarantine facility. However, no fee shall be collected for the stay. This is among the stipulations of a new regulation issued by the Minister of Health that entered into force on the 9th of April and is based on recommendations from the Chief Epidemiologist. 

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Amended rules at the borders on testing and quarantine on the 1st of April

Read about amended rules at the borders on testing and quarantine on the 1st of April due to COVID-19

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