Maritimes Acts and Regulations in English

Icelandic Transport Authority
Act No. 119/2012 on the Icelandic Transport Authority (ICETRA), administrative institution for transport affairs

Ship Survey and the Safety of Vessels

- Ship Survey Act No. 47/2003
- Regulation No. 94/2004 on the Operating Procedures of Accredited Bodies Performing Ship Inspection
- Regulation No 123/1999 on life boats operated from land
- Regulation No 520/2006 on the survey and power rating of main engines in Icelandic ships
- Regulation No. 122/2004 on the safety of fishing vessels of 15 metres in length overall and over, as amended
- Rules on Floatation Work SuitsAct No. 146/2002 on Tonnage Measurements of Ships

Crews - Certification and Training
 -  Regulation No 676-2015 on Education Training and Certification of Seafarers - STCW
Act No. 76/2001 on Crews Serving on Board Icelandic Passenger Ships and Cargo Ships, as amended - STCW  
Regulation on Watchkeeping Arrangements on Board Icelandic Passenger Ships and Cargo Ships  No. 599/2001  
Regulation No. 1005/2010 on Pleasure Fishing Vessels
- Upper Secondary Education Act-No. 92/2008

Fishing vessels:
- Act No. 30/2007 on crews of Icelandic fishing vessels, coastguard vessels, pleasure boats and other vessels
- Rg No. 175 2008 on the certification of deck officers and marine engineers serving
- Regulation No. 208/2004 on working time and rest periods of crewmembers serving on board Icelandic fishing vessels
- Act No. 33-1999 on the Maritime Safety and Survival Training Centre - Icelandic

 Seamen's Act
- Seamen's Act No. 35/1985, as amended (Articles 1-62)

Training summary
Deck officers' education and training summary  
Marine engineers training summary

Icelandic International Ship Registry:
- Act No. 38 of 27 March 2007 on an Icelandic International Ship Register
- Act No. 86/2007 of 30 March 2007 on the taxation of merchant ship operations

Registration of Icelandic Ships
Relevant provisions on bareboat chartering in Act No. 115/1985 on the Registration of Icelandic Ships

  Maritime Traffice Service (MTC)
- Act No 41/2003 on the Maritime Traffic Service, as amended 
Regulation No. 672/2006 on the Maritime Traffic Service
Regulation No. 80/2013 on the Maritime Traffic Service and Vessel Monitoring

Ship's Routeing
Regulation No. 524/2008 on the Delimitation of Shipping Routes, Areas to be Avoided and Mandatory Reporting of Ships off the Southwest Coast of Iceland, as amended

Maritime Security
Act on Maritime Security, No. 50/2004, cf. amendments No. 18/2007

Icelandic Survey Reports
Hull survey of vessels of less than 15 m in length overall
Engine survey of vessels of less than 15 m in length overall
Equipment survey of vessels of less than 15 m in registered length
Explanatory Notes for survey report

Nordic Boat Standards
Nordic Boat Standards - Commercial Boats less than 15 m - part 1
Nordic Boat Standards - Commercial Boats less than 15 m - part 2

Yfirlit yfir alþjóðasamninga IMO o.fl.
- Alþjóðasamningar - yfirlit og staða Íslands
- Status of IMO Conventions - vefur IMO

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